Steam & Dry Saunas

Saunas are one of the most effective, easy ways to take care of your body. The heat from saunas offer muscle tension release and soothe nerve endings, relieving your body of built up tensions and stress. They are incredibly helpful in alleviating chronic migraines and headaches, on top of being an successful method of aiding those with insomnia by helping induce sleep.

The warmth from a session in a sauna helps your body release endorphins, the same chemical that is released after working out. When you leave a sauna, as your body cools down it releases doses of melatonin, another natural chemical produced by the body that promotes sleep.

Both dry and steam saunas help increase circulation, but steam saunas have extra benefit for those who have issues with congestion or bronchial problems. The steam relieves dry or congested sinuses, making it especially helpful and healing for people who are suffering from a cold or asthmatic symptoms.

Follow up your steam session with one of our incredible massages. We offer everything from foot reflexology to oil massage to give you the fullest, most relaxing treatment you can imagine. If you live in or around the West Hartford, CT area, come to Seoul Spa and Sauna for the ultimate sauna and spa experience.


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